Again some more..

Being in a postingspree is nice, especially since there isn’t much content yet… so I thought to update it on a more regular basis. 

I Really liked that the clean teapot and cups are dark and the dirty cup is in the highlight. Dunno why… 

Random forrest picture.

Taken the same day as the forrest picture… this is around the corner at my house and it’s a train-bridge.

Yay got a new pc, and this is something that caught my eye… it looks like a part from a car haha. Never had a pc before with cooling-pipes. Funny stuff looks a bit like a steampunked pc haha.

That’s it for now, please leave a comment!


P.s. changed the layout, hope you guys like it. I love the black since the pictures are easier to see. And the rest is just funky!

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