Arnhem panorama: Boulevard Heuvelink

So my landlord thought it was a good idea to explore our rooftop. Brought my camera, and I liked it’s view. So what’d I do?

Exactly! Pretty sure you guessed correctly that I took my 15mm fisheye, slammed it on my 5DII fullframe and I captured it’s view in 360 degree panorama. The result is OK, not perfect but it’s fine. I had to patch up quite a lot of things in Photoshop, but who cares. One of the photo’s is actually from the first panorama attemt, which I found out when I saw the shadow of a tree was a lot further than the other pic. I guess Earth DOES rotate around the sun hehe.

Want to watch the full 52 megapixel photo? View the full panorama picture (9mb!)

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