VLN 6 hours race at the Nürburgring

So, after going to Belgium for the Formula 1 Belgian GP at Spa Francorchamps, my photos were noticed on Instagram.

I got in touch with Domenico Solombrino who is a Porsche driver at Mathol Racing and he told be the VLN 6 hours race at the German Nürburgring was next Saturday. I got in my car at 3AM and raced my way to the Green Hell to be just in time for quali.

The day was just awesome. I was able to walk everywhere on and around the track, also during the sessions. The smell, the sounds and the atmosphere, everything was just perfect. Here is just a small selection of the 120GB of shots I’ve taken. Enjoy!




And here’s the rest in a gallery.

Formula one – Spa Francorchamps Grand Prix 2016

On Sunday the 28th, the 2016 Belgian Grand Prix was held. I was lucky enough to get tickets through work, so I went with some awesome colleagues, my brother and his daughter. What a day!




CLASSIFIED – A Germany Poland Czech roadtrip short series

So, Herman Bluemink, Victor Eekhof and me (Steven van de Staak) went on a roadtrip. How did it all go? Well… 

To sum it all up, we rented a car and went East. Blasted through Germany, hit Poland, touched Czech and raced back. Some things were planned as in, we had some “waypoints” but the actual route and time schedule was quite a tombola. Besides taking a ton of photo’s I ended up capturing hours on my GoPro. Here are 7 episodes or roughly 10 minutes each for you to enjoy. Enjoy.

Classified – TheSeries [S01E01] – The First day

Classified – TheSeries [S01E02] – SAUERKRAUT

Classified – TheSeries [S01E03] – A steamy museum

Classified – TheSeries [S01E04] – Hotel Lidl

Classified – TheSeries [S01E05] – Looking for abandoned stuff.

Classified – TheSeries [S01E06] – Old stuff and mountains

Classified – TheSeries [S01E07] – Goin’ home

Quick roadtrip to Germany, again

Just a quick ride in my car to Germany. Was bored so.. whadda ya do, right?

I actually found this old city-center by accident, took a wrong turn and all of a sudden I saw this old building with a gate (first photo). Parked the car and went in. There, I found this awesome castle. What random traveling can give you, right?










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