Small post.


Only three pictures. Yesterday Joost and me went on a trip to Utrecht where he was going to buy an ukulele. Here’s him relaxing in the train after he tuned it. It sounds really cool. Be sure to click this link.

Today we went on a bicycle trip since the weather is really nice. We’ve had coldness and rain for the past weeks so all of a sudden sun is like a blessing!
On our bicycle trip I’ve bought 2 lenses. Here’s two pictures made with Lens one, an Enna 28mm 3.5 lens. I also made a picture of the other lens I bought…

This is really a cool lens. It’s a Pentax P-Wire 55mm 1.8 lens made byAsahi Opt. Co.. It also states Super-Takumar… whatever that might mean.. Hehe. 

Here’s another picture I took with the 28mm lens:
I did NOT edit this picture. I adjusted the colors on the camera (and contrast and saturation etc) just the border was added… I love these 2 lenses!

That’s it for now, expect more on sunday or monday!

The Trip.

No I wasn’t high, or drunk (as far as I can remember) or on acid. But in the train.  And that is a trip as well, just a bit different than the others mentioned… hehe.

So here are some pictures (oh and YES, it’s all 15mm Sigma fisheye…AND it’s all UNEDITED! ) :

This is how it all begun at Almere Buiten, my train arrived.

And there we are at central station. The people thought I was making a picture of the sky… well… fisheye rocks! 

A BIT over exposed but well… I still like it.  I wanted to adjust the exposure but then I heard the whistle… and since I had too much gear to jump on the rear of the train I just took it for granted and normally entered the train…


Then finally this was in Alkmaar. I loved the atmosphere and the old Dutch buildings. This is a picture of a small cafe/restaurant. Then I saw this old car (I believe Volvo…) passing by and it just completed the whole scene.

OH NOES Steven doing cliche’s? Well yes it’s as cliche as it can get but I like this one since it’s all red/yellow/orange with blue bars. Also the fisheye makes the lines go funkeyyy!

This is in Alkmaar as well, as you guys might know I like shots like this. Symmetry and well.. emptyness. I dunno just catches me I guess.  And well yeah forget the I guess part, I know exactly why it catches me.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your week and send me some comments! ^_^


The weekend…

Okay I really had a crazy weekend! 
Friday: party  Came home at 9AM.  (first train…)
Saturday: 2 parties, my brother’s daughter, Nina turned 2 years old. So this one is for her:

Happy Birthday li’l one!!

And here some pictures from Friday-evening where we partied and eventually me and Jeffrey walked from Amsterdam Amstel to Amsterdam Central Station…

Lot’s of friendly people… the guy in the background tries to strangle me too, so don’t worry it’s fine. Hehe.

The Amstel, a river that flows through Amsterdam.

Image created for an anti-alcohol campaign… lol!

I bet Jeff will go crazy if I didn’t post a picture of myself, so yeah that’s me.. Thanks Jeff for the picture! Next time I’ll explain how to FOCUS the lens…. Hehe.

That’s it for now, lot’s more to come soon I already got lot’s of stuff ready.

Don’t forget to comment and if you got any questions or remarks: post ‘m or mail me!


Second studio attempt.

Lights, background, music, the camera’s, lenses but most important: some friends over.

Yeah we had a great day to test out the studio. We had a lot of fun and made some fun pictures, here they are!

That’s Victor.

Here’s some shots from Abby.
And here’s another one of her:

Doesn’t she look happy?

Speaking of hapy, what about this smile haha!

And last but not least Erfan, who looks really classy/stylish in my opinion…

And then he also took a picture of us all and me… thanks Erfan!


Thanks you guys, I had a great day and learnt a lot…. I’ve still got a long way to go but at least it’s already fun… awesome!

-Steven. xD

Again some more..

Being in a postingspree is nice, especially since there isn’t much content yet… so I thought to update it on a more regular basis. 

I Really liked that the clean teapot and cups are dark and the dirty cup is in the highlight. Dunno why… 

Random forrest picture.

Taken the same day as the forrest picture… this is around the corner at my house and it’s a train-bridge.

Yay got a new pc, and this is something that caught my eye… it looks like a part from a car haha. Never had a pc before with cooling-pipes. Funny stuff looks a bit like a steampunked pc haha.

That’s it for now, please leave a comment!


P.s. changed the layout, hope you guys like it. I love the black since the pictures are easier to see. And the rest is just funky!


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