While I’m at it…

Okay the new weblog is really nice for me. So I thought it update it with some recent shots. Here they are! Oh about the blog: going to update the layout soon.
Still I love the black background, makes my pictures way more easy to view! Awesome!


Yes I love my 15mm Sigma Fisheye lens haha!

This was taken through a Pentax lens… at 300 mm and I just loved the colors. I only made the car purple instead of red which is more… funky. Except that no editing.

Shot from Amsterdam, just liked it I guess haha!


That’s it for now, keep checking back and I’ll keep updating it.

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First post, new studio, all new! :-)

Been a while since I updated the old Since it was running an older version of wordpress I wanted to update it. Also I renewed the template (while we’re at it) and replaced the old with the new blog instead of  a simple gallery.

Thing is, I see my photoblog as my portfolio… For my general portfolio you can always look at


The Studio.
I bought studio stuff!  Bought two studioflashlights (lumen8 400W/s version) and today my background support + 2 backgrounds arrived. So here are some test results with a big thanks to Joost for posing! Thanks man!

So that’s it for now, already got some shots for the next posts so keep an eye on this page. Also update your bookmarks… The old will NOT be updated anymore!

Take care!



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