Summer update!

Hey there!

Small update, it’s getting hotter so let’s first announce…. summertime!

Soo much is on the planning. One of them is a trip to SWEDEN per BIKE! Yes people I will go on my recumbent bike:

This one is actually scaled, for the larger version click HERE.

Fair enough, I had to buy bags for it so for the rear-bag I went to Tilburg with my good friend Chantal. Here some travel pictures:

I went from Almere to Hoofddorp where me and Chantal would meet up. But thanks to my lovely Dingoo A320 I didn’t hear the train stopping, or noticed anything of Hoofddorp so instead I had to go out of the train at Nieuw-Vennep and go back to Hoofddorp. Thing is, I was raised in Nieuw-Vennep so I took this picture where I noticed I was in complete shadow while the rest looked really sunny. Nice.

Then, I met up with Chantal and we went to Den Bosch station. There we waited for the next train and I took these two pictures:

And outside the station was this waterfall:

After that we went to Tilburg, had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and bought the bags from some die-hard recumbent-bike fans. They where really nice so we sticked there till quite late.

During our walk back to the station we met some skaterguys who liked to perform in front (and above) my camera:

Of course taken with the 15mm Sigma Fisheye lens on my Canon 5DMKII haha. Don’t I love google tags?

After that we had to wait at Tilburg train station for about 40 minutes but it gave me plenty of time to tease Chantal and make this people (I’m such a multitasker):

And that’s it for now. The day after I bought the side-bags for my bike, will take some pictures soon. Take care people!

The Beach and more.

Yesterday I went to the beach, in Zandvoort. Yes more German stuff I hear you say. Zandvoort, Dutch costal town right? Yes it is but it *still* has a lot of German influence hehe. Lot’s of tourists and the people from Zandvoort are all trying to make some money out of it. Ah well, who wouldn’t?

Picture of Emma standing over there. Yes it’s edited since I changed the blue to red, but I love the picture so much more like this.

Here’s the original by the way:

I call this one “Left out”, simply because the subject is standing alone while the other groups have 2 people.. and are not alone.

Final destination for this shell.

More from this series, love the silouette.

Some typical beach sand plus fence. You see this a lot at Zandvoort.

And here’s a view on the beach. Was a lovely day!

And then nature treated us on a lovely sunset! Lucky us!

This one has a personal touch.

And the cat from the neighbours “chicky”.. what a name lol.

That’s it for now.. got lot’s of pictures but I’m just too busy to resize/upload/post them…! Ah well! 

Have a good weekend folks, Formula 1 is up tomorrow!

Steve went to Germany – GERMANY SPECIAL!!!!

Hey boys and girls!

Thursday there was Queensday in the Netherlands. It’s supposed to be a day of parties, open market (everyone can sell stuff on the streets, some sort of national garage-sale) and the Queen makes visits to villages… well this year it was difference since some total lunatic tried to attack the Queen, failed but DID kill and injure a lot of people in that brutal act. 

The party atmosphere all suddenly became bitter…

— But —

The day after, 2 friends and me had the idea to do a random travel. Victor, Erfan and me took a train to the border of the Netherlands and Germany. And the result was that we actually made it to Germany. We had some trouble finding the proper hotel so at an early hour we took the first train to Duisburg from Emmerich am Rhein. We had a great trip and thus we present you all:


It’s going to be a lot of pictures… so get some popcorn, have a drink and enjoy my pictures!

Okay, we went by train to Arnhem, then to Doetinchem and from there we took the bus to ‘s Heerenbergen (pronounced as zerenbergen).
But we didn’t know what the end-stop was so aparently we went back to Zeddam. The next bus was due in one hour so we decided to WALK to Emmerich. This picture was taken there. Look, we DO have hills!

Sun was getting lower, looked lovely.

And the path continued…

Just a random Sepia pic I thought it fitted the moment haha.

And then we actually went over the boarder and arrived in Germany!

There the sunset still looked lovely haha:
But yes it was getting later and later.

Then we arrived in Emmerich am Rhein, and since this is in the “Ruhr area” there aparently is lot’s of industry. Yes there is.

We went to the centre of Emmerich to check out the city centre and look for a hotel.

After lot’s of hassle with hotels we went to a german pub that actually appeared to be a Polish pub and we LOVED it there!

So this was the whole travelcrew. Me, Erfan and Victor.

At 4 in the morning we where wating at the Emmerich am Rhein Bahnhoff. This was our lovely view. Well Vic and Erfan where waiting inside the station, I took a walk.

More Emmerich am Rhein Bahnhoff stuff… and more to come:


And here. This train was at quite a distance but I walked there and walked on the track to make this picture. The day after I took another picture in broad daylight with my new Canon EOS 3000 analog camara.

After a VERY turbulant journey to Duisburg, we actually arrived. Here we where standing on a bridge looking at the morning light.

In the far distance we saw this massive building. Just thinking of buying it to do photoshoots and host huge parties just makes me shiver!

Another harbour shot.

We climbed over a fence and went to the large building. Especially from up close it became obvious: it needed some renovation lol.

The older harbour crane from up close. Looks like a mech warrior for some reason…

When we left I saw this pole at a gate. And yes I forgot to add the borders haha.

The large building had some old compound close so I took a picture from within. Quite some over exposure there haha.

The building itself was quite dark. I think it was built just before World War II.

Then we left. After this shot I saw my battery was extremely low so I had to save for film (since I was filming with my 5DMKII all the time)

In the afternoon we went home, so we took the train:
And arrived home safely around 18:00.

It was a hell of a trip but I loved it. Tired as I was, I went to bed around 22:00 and woke up the next day around 6:00 am haha.

Can’t wait for my next trip. This was it for now hope you all enjoyed this update which took me 2 hours to create haha!


Small post.


Only three pictures. Yesterday Joost and me went on a trip to Utrecht where he was going to buy an ukulele. Here’s him relaxing in the train after he tuned it. It sounds really cool. Be sure to click this link.

Today we went on a bicycle trip since the weather is really nice. We’ve had coldness and rain for the past weeks so all of a sudden sun is like a blessing!
On our bicycle trip I’ve bought 2 lenses. Here’s two pictures made with Lens one, an Enna 28mm 3.5 lens. I also made a picture of the other lens I bought…

This is really a cool lens. It’s a Pentax P-Wire 55mm 1.8 lens made byAsahi Opt. Co.. It also states Super-Takumar… whatever that might mean.. Hehe. 

Here’s another picture I took with the 28mm lens:
I did NOT edit this picture. I adjusted the colors on the camera (and contrast and saturation etc) just the border was added… I love these 2 lenses!

That’s it for now, expect more on sunday or monday!

The Trip.

No I wasn’t high, or drunk (as far as I can remember) or on acid. But in the train.  And that is a trip as well, just a bit different than the others mentioned… hehe.

So here are some pictures (oh and YES, it’s all 15mm Sigma fisheye…AND it’s all UNEDITED! ) :

This is how it all begun at Almere Buiten, my train arrived.

And there we are at central station. The people thought I was making a picture of the sky… well… fisheye rocks! 

A BIT over exposed but well… I still like it.  I wanted to adjust the exposure but then I heard the whistle… and since I had too much gear to jump on the rear of the train I just took it for granted and normally entered the train…


Then finally this was in Alkmaar. I loved the atmosphere and the old Dutch buildings. This is a picture of a small cafe/restaurant. Then I saw this old car (I believe Volvo…) passing by and it just completed the whole scene.

OH NOES Steven doing cliche’s? Well yes it’s as cliche as it can get but I like this one since it’s all red/yellow/orange with blue bars. Also the fisheye makes the lines go funkeyyy!

This is in Alkmaar as well, as you guys might know I like shots like this. Symmetry and well.. emptyness. I dunno just catches me I guess.  And well yeah forget the I guess part, I know exactly why it catches me.

That’s it for now. Enjoy your week and send me some comments! ^_^



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