Some random Emmerich shots!

Emmerich is a nice place, but scary too. And in the summer it can become pretty hot and dry. So here are some new pictures for you.









Would you look at that, another trip! Yes ladies and gentleman, Steven is going on another bicycle trip!

This year the trip will be from Emmerich to Monaco. An exciting trip over mountains and the plains of France. We’ll see the provence while getting exhausted.

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A new lifestyle.

A new house, a completely new location, far away from friends and family. Yes it’s something totally different.

Everything is new. From transport, food, the house to clothes and times I go to bed. To make the contrast even bigger, things got really cold after 2-3 weeks of living here. So cold that we actually got snow, nice! Except if you have to use your bicycle on a daily basis.

Either way, here some pics from my new “situation”.

This is my current bed. I actually finished putting it together yesterday!

Me after I just came home.

In the cold fields out there, clothes like these aren’t a luxery. I often cycle around 10-11pm through snowy blizzards. So a regular t-shirt and a cap won’t do.

Another one!

This is a famous building next to trainstation Wehl. It has been abandonned for a while now. Can you tell?

And here two other pics I took last friday when I went to Amsterdam. Taken at Utrecht CS after my train had a 30 minute delay.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy them!

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