From Emmerich, with love.

Oaky it’s been a while but life has been crazy! I moved to Emmerich, I STILL don’t have internet there and I’ve been busy at work as well. Working 40 hours a week is quite a lot, especially if you do a lot of crunchtiming.

Photography still has it’s place in my daily routines and I occaisionly still take pictures. Especially in the weekends of course. So here are some very recent pictures all taken around my new house. Enjoy!

Still alive, no worries.

I think for my visitors, the post about me having a job was bad news. Well you can clearly see that I have been a tad less productive photography wise. Well at least I could pay for new gear. Also on my bicycle trip to Poland (yeah I did that stuff) I didn’t bring my EOS. Kinda regret it but okay.

So did I do nothing? Oh I did something. Here some shots from the last few days for you to enjoy!

My Job

Okay guys, I think everyone has noticed I’ve been away for a while. I have a job. Yes, I have a job. It’s true.

Anyway took my cam to work. And I do respect the no-inside-photography-rules, so I took it outside. Here’s some pictures from my “workspace”!

Did I edit them: Yes.

Do I care about people who hate editing: No.


Simple. Photography is an interpretation of a mixture between life, how one sees it mixed with his or her feelings at that time. So there you have it. Limiting yourself within a creative branch is like creating engines to go slower. Pointless and not as much as FUN!

Random pics.,

Just some pics from my life.

Very random stuff actually.

Bought some thick paper to create a new product studio. So far so good. I also got a HUGE black sheet so that will be fun to play with. In the meanwhile: test shots and some skateboarding action from Arnhem where I had a job interview..

And now the promised skateboarding stuff…



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