Hi Germany, I’m back.

Alright, Chantal and me where bored so why not go to Germany? Well that wasn’t the actual plan. We took the first train from Almere-Muziekwijk where I picked Chantal up. We ended up in Utrecht, from there we picked a random destination (Chantal pointed out a random place on a map while she wasnt looking) and by that we ended up in Venlo. There we took a train to Germany. So here’s that trip in some pictures.

This was at Almere Stad central station.

This was at the place where we ended up.. It was a place called “Dulken”. Quite small but it was really nice.

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Pigeon in Venlo.

An old railway house. I love deserted buildings, really nice. Too bad I had to take this shot from a moving train.

This is the Dulken train station, pretty cute aye? Way nicer than all those modern stations that we have.

Some old houses in Dulken, deserted… would love to live in such a house!

Too bad we didn’t have much time left, otherwise I would have loved to have a drink there!

Nice old German Mercedes truck. Really liked the atmosphere… felt a bit like I was in an old movie haha.

Then we went home, I saw this bus and thought it was a nice sunset…

That’s all for now! I have sooo more many new pictures, will post a bit more regular from now on haha! Bye!

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