I’ll be gone for a while!!

Hey loyal followers of my blog!

In 2 days, so well next Sunday, me and Joost are going on a trip. Yes. A Bicycle trip.
Why is this worth mentioning without posting new pictures?

Well you see… it’s quite a bloody long trip… it’s going to be 1550 km and we’re gonna take aprox. 3-4 weeks for it to happen.

I’ll be riding my recumbent bike, Joost is riding my old tour bike… a Kenosha.

Good thing is, we can be followed every day through the following website:


which will be moderated by my dearest friend Roxanna. (www.roxaap.nl)

Here’s a picture of my bike:

Anyway all, take care and any words are appreciated through the other website!!! I’m gonna need some luck haha!

Seeeeeee ya!

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