Summer update!

Hey there!

Small update, it’s getting hotter so let’s first announce…. summertime!

Soo much is on the planning. One of them is a trip to SWEDEN per BIKE! Yes people I will go on my recumbent bike:

This one is actually scaled, for the larger version click HERE.

Fair enough, I had to buy bags for it so for the rear-bag I went to Tilburg with my good friend Chantal. Here some travel pictures:

I went from Almere to Hoofddorp where me and Chantal would meet up. But thanks to my lovely Dingoo A320 I didn’t hear the train stopping, or noticed anything of Hoofddorp so instead I had to go out of the train at Nieuw-Vennep and go back to Hoofddorp. Thing is, I was raised in Nieuw-Vennep so I took this picture where I noticed I was in complete shadow while the rest looked really sunny. Nice.

Then, I met up with Chantal and we went to Den Bosch station. There we waited for the next train and I took these two pictures:

And outside the station was this waterfall:

After that we went to Tilburg, had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and bought the bags from some die-hard recumbent-bike fans. They where really nice so we sticked there till quite late.

During our walk back to the station we met some skaterguys who liked to perform in front (and above) my camera:

Of course taken with the 15mm Sigma Fisheye lens on my Canon 5DMKII haha. Don’t I love google tags?

After that we had to wait at Tilburg train station for about 40 minutes but it gave me plenty of time to tease Chantal and make this people (I’m such a multitasker):

And that’s it for now. The day after I bought the side-bags for my bike, will take some pictures soon. Take care people!

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