A new lifestyle.

A new house, a completely new location, far away from friends and family. Yes it’s something totally different.

Everything is new. From transport, food, the house to clothes and times I go to bed. To make the contrast even bigger, things got really cold after 2-3 weeks of living here. So cold that we actually got snow, nice! Except if you have to use your bicycle on a daily basis.

Either way, here some pics from my new “situation”.

This is my current bed. I actually finished putting it together yesterday!

Me after I just came home.

In the cold fields out there, clothes like these aren’t a luxery. I often cycle around 10-11pm through snowy blizzards. So a regular t-shirt and a cap won’t do.

Another one!

This is a famous building next to trainstation Wehl. It has been abandonned for a while now. Can you tell?

And here two other pics I took last friday when I went to Amsterdam. Taken at Utrecht CS after my train had a 30 minute delay.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy them!

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