Photography trip to Paris

One thing I really love to do is going on a phototrip. Most of the time, these are one-day roadtrips, but sometimes it’s for a longer bit. 

4S5A9229 copy
This time, I tried something different. I went to a small town 20km from Paris, and took a metro to the capital of France where I stayed for five days. My plan? Well, just walk all day, catch Pokémon since I now have mobile internet throughout Europe and take photos until all my batteries are empty and memorycards are full.

Sigma 12-24MM ART

Just a couple of days before this trip, I bought Sigma’s new 12-24mm ultra wide lens, from their incredible ART-series. This lens is specifics-wise pretty similar to it’s predecessor, except the diafragma. The F4.0 is usable over the whole focal length, which isn’t the case with it’s cheaper brother. And the photos? Incredible. I was amazed how sharp the photos are!

4S5A9245 copy

The lens is pretty heavy though, so it’s not for the fainth of heart. After three days of walking, I actually started to feel my wrist starting to hurt a little. But it’s no surprise. Three full days with a 2kg camerakit in one hand, mobile phone in the other. I’m also mostly holding the camera up, and take photos of course.

It’s something to keep in mind since I’m quite a strong guy.

4S5A8769 copy

Apart from that, Paris was as amazing as I remembered it. It was weird to walk through the city alone, since I’ve always went either with my family, friends or girlfriend. But walking alone also has it’s positive sides. You have way more freedom and it’s a great way to clear your mind. Think about things you normally don’t find time/space for. So yeah, in some way you could see a trip such as this as a form of meditation I guess.

4S5A9167 copy

Pokémon Go!

So, going on a trip like this with internet available “like at home” also made it possible to play Pokémon Go. The game which makes you walk the streets and catch virtual Pokémon (Japanese for pocket monsters). Most people who I tell I was playing Pokémon first ask me why I would be playing a game, looking at my mobile device like a “millenial zombie” instead of enjoying Paris’ views. Well, I understand but the truth is a lot better. Within Pokémon Go there are a lot of Pokéstops to be find. You need these in order to get items you need to catch Pokémon. These Pokéstops are mostly located at really cool locations you’d normally ignore. So thanks to this game, I’ve actually seen a lot of cool things I’d otherwise never find. This awesome wall-piece is a great example of such a location.

4S5A8706 copy

Another great advantage of having internet on your mobile device is your map. It felt really weird looking at groups of tourists figuring out where they were on a large paper map. For me, I just looked at my phone, saw the blue dot (me) and tapped on the screen where I wanted to go. I instantly see the quickest route and save heaps of time by doing so. More time to actually see stuff, or chill out in a nice Parisian café. And trust me, they are nice.

4S5A8702 copy

Anyway, enough talk! Here are some of the other photos I shot during this trip. Enjoy!


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