The weekend…

Okay I really had a crazy weekend! 
Friday: party  Came home at 9AM.  (first train…)
Saturday: 2 parties, my brother’s daughter, Nina turned 2 years old. So this one is for her:

Happy Birthday li’l one!!

And here some pictures from Friday-evening where we partied and eventually me and Jeffrey walked from Amsterdam Amstel to Amsterdam Central Station…

Lot’s of friendly people… the guy in the background tries to strangle me too, so don’t worry it’s fine. Hehe.

The Amstel, a river that flows through Amsterdam.

Image created for an anti-alcohol campaign… lol!

I bet Jeff will go crazy if I didn’t post a picture of myself, so yeah that’s me.. Thanks Jeff for the picture! Next time I’ll explain how to FOCUS the lens…. Hehe.

That’s it for now, lot’s more to come soon I already got lot’s of stuff ready.

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One Response to The weekend…

  • wow.i love how u focused that cute little kid.
    my favorite in yar new posts is the river.i really like how the lights look and most especially how it looks in their reflections.the dark sky reflects a black river, but the lights showed up to make it lively but silent.i really like those scenes.i have 1 folder here of some pix about city lights over a moon or the view of a city/buidings in a dreamy night but full of shimmering and sparkling portions throught the eyes of those lights.ur pix are so adorable.hey got to save them!:]
    they made my day awesome and tonight before i sleep,surely ill watch them and bring them to dreamland.
    see yah stevie!keep it up.always thhink that im the biggest fan of ur stuffs and so as the artist man!:0(winks)

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