Tuna, beans and a ride to the top of the Posbank

The weather became sunny again, and since I love to ride my bicycle I thought it was time to grab my bike and see what was out there.

Here in the Netherlands, we often have rain and cold weather. But not today. No, the sun was shining. I felt good, and in a very healthy mood so I decided to eat some beans and tuna in the morning. After that I went for a quick tour on my bike. Eventhough the Netherlands is famous for being as flat as a pancake, there’s a nasty little hill in our area which is still higher than the average speedbump; the Posbank. (not to be confused with Postbank, an old Dutch bank which is now known as ING).

After hearing many people talking about this horrific mountain, I decided to challenge it myself. Well I have to say, the view is quite nice, but the Posbank itself isn’t much of a challenge. It was fun tho! Here are some pics I took.

IMG_5064 IMG_5067 IMG_5070 IMG_5045 IMG_5049 IMG_5058 IMG_5060

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