_MG_3894 Who am I?

Excellent question. I’m Steven, and I like a lot of things in life. I love photography, so I can capture things I like, and inspire others.

What do I like?

Too much! Things I enjoy are of course photography, but also friends, home parties, traveling, Formula 1 racing, couchsurfing, cycling, exploring, crafting stuff, 3D modeling, editing videos, working out in my home-gym, playing a bit of bass guitar, cooking, dinner-parties, events, RC cars and much much more.


I’m a proud employee of Ultimaker. We create 3D printers capable of amazing things. Within Ultimaker, I’m a marketing content expert. I focus on 3D content, photography and video.

Friends online

It’s great to have friends around, especially when they inspire you. Here are some of their personal websites, enjoy!

What else should I write here?

You tell me.



I'm a blogger who likes to travel, take photos, write stories about my adventures, do bicycle trips, model and print 3D, create websites, create video's, play airsoft, watch Formula 1 and much more.

Got any questions? contact me or send me a message through Facebook.