_MG_3894 Who am I?

Excellent question. I’m Steven, 30 years old and I like a lot of things in life. I love photography, and use this as a method to capture other stuff I like a lot too.

What do I like?

Too much! Things I enjoy are of course photography, but also friends, home parties, traveling, Formula 1 racing, couchsurfing, cycling, exploring, crafting stuff, 3D modeling, editing videos, working out in my home-gym, playing a bit of bass guitar, cooking, dinner-parties, events, RC cars and much much more.


Yes, I have a dayjob. I create webpages and manage their content for a living. And thus I became a contentmarketeer at Coöperatie VGZ, a leading Dutch health insurance company. Health insurance doesn’t perhaps sound thát adventerous, but I love working there.

Friends online

It’s great to have friends around, especially when they inspire you. Here are some of their personal websites, enjoy!

What else should I write here?

You tell me.



I'm a 30 year old blogger who likes to travel, take photos, write stories about my adventures, do bicycle trips, create websites, create video's, play airsoft, watch Formula 1 and much more.

Got any questions? contact me or send me a message through Facebook.