From a Windows PC to a Macbook Pro

The last time I bought a laptop was back in 2007. And while the machine still works, it became as slow as a steam-engine.

So what’d I get? I’m planning on new adventures, travels and trips so it needs to be lightweight and not too large. I want to write on it, browse the web, update my website and edit my pics on the fly. I don’t like posting photo’s straight from my camera to my website, so I need Photoshop to run smoothly.

Even though I’ve never used a Macbook before, I decided to take a gamble. Victor has been using one for a while and he loves it. He also brought it along to the USA during our bicycle adventure, and that was damn convenient (for him). So what can go wrong?

Went to the iCenter store to get a Macbook Air. However, the regular Macbook was even smaller, faster and cheaper. So the Air lost my vote. Compared the Macbook with the Pro version, and decided to go for the 13″ Macbook Pro. It has a large superfast SSD, a fast processor, it’s retina screen is amazing and the resolution is great. The new touchpad is designed for me. I mean, it has the same action as on my camera. A soft press for focus (first click) and a harder press for a second press. Good stuff.


First impression as a loyal Windows user

So far so good. It works super smooth and I got the hang of it in a matter of minutes. Yes, sometimes I have to google how to do specific stuff, but in general it’s very intuitive. Installing software is amazingly simple. Just drag, drop and you’re good to go.

Browsing the web is great. Everything is smooth and fast. I’ve also installed Photoshop, Office and it works all above expectations. Any downsides so far? Nope.

The Magicmouse

Lucky me; they added a EUR 130 coupon to my Macbook pro, and I decided to go for the Magic mouse and it’s wireless dockingstation. I’m used to my EUR 7 Logitech so the switch was quite, impressive. The mouse is precise, but that’s not why it’s so great. The whole top is one big touchpad, and that’s amazing for scrolling through pages or photo’s. Overall: highly impressed.

A whole day of Macbooking

So, yesterday my dear friend Camilla came over and we worked on our Macbooks all day. I was mainly installing software and configuring my shiny new Apple. So I also had to test Photoshop. Camilla brought a lemon and mint leaves so we had some nice cold refreshing minty-lemon-water. I took a photo, and it became the first EOS photo I’ve edited on my new Mac. It suits, since I find my Macbook Pro amazingly refreshing. Cheers!



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