I’m rich!

Allright, expect a normal decent post soon but I just couldn’t resist… so here are some pictures from my last movienight!

Movienight you say? Yes, movienight.
My beloved parents (still have to make a picture, this tends to be quite hard…) actually allow it that I can have a MOVIENIGHT every 2 weeks. What does this mean?
Lot’s of foods (mostly home made pizza… and yes it’s HUGE), movies, drinks, lot’s of people and lot’s of laughter. The pizza is actually about a meter wide and you can decorate your own slice of the whole thing. Pretty cool aye?
Before I show the pictures (unless you skip this part..) I want to stress that these pictures are not technically perfect, they are not funny nor are they well spotted. They are friends. They are the basics to human existence. They are what make me. And they alone are a reason to live.
So here they are.. and yes a LOT of good friends are exluded… so yes… count me rich. 😉

ANYWAY let’s start with this guy Joost. He’s been a friend for more than 12 years now… or even 13… I can’t even remember. This guy is really cool. And eventhough we are totally different, we also share a lot of thoughts and humor that just no-one else will ever understand. Big ups for him haha!

And then Victor, yes what to tell. Difficult case… hehe. I went to London with this guy, met him at uni and he’s proven to be a weird-ass. Seriously he is. How-ever whatever he is, you can always count on a good party when he’s around. He’s one of the few who got verbed and got accepted at urbandictionary. OMG. I tried HARD, my friends know this, but even I didn’t succeed in getting verbed. Omg.

Then this guy Feraaz… I’ve actually finished the OVC college with this guy… we both did HAVO and stuff, was really cool. Now we’re still in touch, crashing parties and making any small station in the Netherlands unsafe.

And then Emma. I mean.. we’ve seen her before, her beautifull eyes.. And the ones who know her well also have seen her photography. I mean she still surprises me and eventhough she’s relatively new to photography I’m a bit jealous at how well she sees… funny things in life. Seriously she’s good. Her creative skills and my technical skills would outperform a LOT of design agencies. Trust me, yes. Okay… well… maybe.. sortof. Anyway… Emma.

And then we have Chantal. A straight weirdo and trust me you don’t want to have her as your enemy. But as a friend, she’s sweet as sugar.

P.s. she’ll kill me for posting her picture at my blog… MUHAHAHA.

And I just had to post this.. I mean… 2 girls picking cherries from the tree for me. How lucky can I get? O_o

Then last but not least. A picture of me. Through the glasses of Feraaz. Real cool guy,

Here’s a pic of Feraaz and Emma………. aaaaaaaaand my DAD!

I didn’t place pictures of a LOT of friends I truly love, but well this is enogh for now. Most you’ve seen already… Erfan, Jeffrey, etc etc etc…

Cheers all, off to bed, it’s late.

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