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Right now, you can order some of my work from my

Buying photography

Did you see a photo at my website, and would you like to use it at your website or have it printed on canvas/acrylglass? Contact me and we’ll figure it out.

Quality of photography

About 99% of the photo’s taken since October 2015 were made with Canon’s EOS 5DSr. This is to this date Canon’s highest megapixel camera. With a total of 50.6 megapixels, it  captures every detail. In combination with quality glass, photos taken with this camera can be printed extremely large without losing quality. Also, it’s perfect for making extreme crops while maintaining sharpness.

Using photo’s with so much information is any designers dream. You can always crop and reduce a photo’s size, but never the other way around.



I'm a blogger who likes to travel, take photos, write stories about my adventures, do bicycle trips, model and print 3D, create websites, create video's, play airsoft, watch Formula 1 and much more.

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