Just another random post… the last 2 weeks I made some pics that didn’t belong to a serie or what-so-ever so this is the random post with these pictures… 

OR the guy was kicked from his apartment, or he is wasted or tired. Fact remains with a bag of stuff he was just sitting there for more than 5  minutes. Then I took the picture and walked off… he didn’t seem to want any help either. Poor buggar.

Lakeside Almere Buiten where I was chilling with me mate Feraaz, was really nice and peaceful.

Here I tried to make my bike to look really small. The trick is to zoom in zo there’s a LOT of DOF (Dept Of Field), when zoomed in you take 12 pictures (three rows of four) and you merge them together into one image. This is the result.  Original picture was (with smallest source files) about 80 megapixel… Yikes.

Here I tried the same with Victor. These where eight pictures merged toghether. Don’t think it worked that well but it’s still a nice picture haha.

That’s it for now, if you live in the Netherlands or any other location with nice weather like we do at the moment: Enjoy!

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