Still kicking? Yup.

Okay fact, I’m not out of the game yet. Even a 2-3 minute submergion of my camera couldn’t stop me. On the bad side, I did lose my 28-135 USM IS lens. On the bright side, I could finally justify buying a new L lens so I went for the 23-105 and got it for a bargain! This guy was really friendly and gave it to me for a very very good price.. lucky me!

Still it was enough to allmost get me bankrupt lol.

Here some new pics, let’s start with some taken with my 1DMKII and the 100-400 IS USM L lens.

And another one..

And here it was tired of posing… so it went off.

And then this image, it’s one of the first images I took with my 24-105 lens… I love it now already!

And here’s a final, kind of random picture I took with the 5DMKII and an extremely cheap 28-80 lens.. lol.

That’s it for now!

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