The Beach and more.

Yesterday I went to the beach, in Zandvoort. Yes more German stuff I hear you say. Zandvoort, Dutch costal town right? Yes it is but it *still* has a lot of German influence hehe. Lot’s of tourists and the people from Zandvoort are all trying to make some money out of it. Ah well, who wouldn’t?

Picture of Emma standing over there. Yes it’s edited since I changed the blue to red, but I love the picture so much more like this.

Here’s the original by the way:

I call this one “Left out”, simply because the subject is standing alone while the other groups have 2 people.. and are not alone.

Final destination for this shell.

More from this series, love the silouette.

Some typical beach sand plus fence. You see this a lot at Zandvoort.

And here’s a view on the beach. Was a lovely day!

And then nature treated us on a lovely sunset! Lucky us!

This one has a personal touch.

And the cat from the neighbours “chicky”.. what a name lol.

That’s it for now.. got lot’s of pictures but I’m just too busy to resize/upload/post them…! Ah well! 

Have a good weekend folks, Formula 1 is up tomorrow!

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