The Wine

Been making wine for a while now, here’s the first couple of bottles.


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  • Your technical quality is high and that’s a good thing. It looks just as good as people I’ve gone to photo school with for a few years yet, and better than some of them. Keep your technical standards high by default and then apply your vision. Then you’ll know you’ve done your absolute best at the time. The second shot of the bottles looks like there’s some movement blur, but the rest of the photos are of that same standard. You’re good. Keep going at it and noticing the small things (whether it’s macro or not, lol.) That’s what will make your stuff stand out more above the rest, even if someone can’t put their finger on exactly why the photo attracts them the way it does.

  • Whoops somewhere I read you were experimenting as a photographer… my bad… you’re seasoned xD … durr ignore my comments but take the compliments

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