München, Dachau en Salzburg: vakantie 2014

Emma and me like to travel a lot. Especially she likes Germany, and I like to go to new places. So it became München since it was also close to the Alps.

We’ve seen a lot of stuff and we experienced a lot of diversity. I mean, we stayed at a 4 star hotel in a shady neighbourhood, and used Couchsurfing to crash at an awesome guy’s place. We saw the horrific Dachau, and cheered at the finals of the World Cup. Saw nature in the Alps, and enjoyed the exciting city center of München. Here’s some pics, but be sure to check out the whole gallery for your enjoyment.


_MG_3578 _MG_3576

_MG_3299 _MG_3272 _MG_3327

Check out the whole gallery

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Single shots
Wink deer Scotland Highland Wildlife Park
Low grass Scottish forest
Tree branches with moss in Scotland
Sun through trees in forest Scotland
Ruthven barracks abandoned Scottish castle ruins
Scotland classic highlands and mountains view
Suspension bridge in Scotland
Princes Street Edinburgh Scotland
Medieval bridge in Scotland
Silverstone Formula 1 circuit England aerial shot
Old waterworks in Austrian forest
Burghausen Castle Germany seen from Austria
Meadow and countryside road Germany
Huelva mine Rio Tinto various buildings Spain
Mountain top Reales de Sierra Bermeja, Estepona Spain
Gibraltar mountain with Europe,Africa, Morocco and Spain in one photo
Moroccan mountains seen from Spain Gibraltar
Sail yaght near Gibraltar with Moroccan mountains in the background
Conil de la Frontera foggy misty morning city walk, Spain
Rio Tinto collapsed old bridge red river Spain
Rio Tinto red mineral chemical water Spain Huelva mines
Huelva mina train tracks, rio tinto Spain
Mars ehh Huelva Rio Tinto mines red landscape
Abandoned mines, train depot control room, Rio Tinto, Huelva Spain
Abandoned mines, train depot hangar Rio Tinto, Huelva Spain
Abandoned mine wagons and train depot, Rio Tinto, Huelva Spain
Abandoned old Spanish Rio Tinto mining lift tower
Portugal most western point Cabo Da Roca/cape Roca
Olhao graffiti painted abandoned church urbex
Spanish ultra thin wild spider