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Summer update!

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Hey there! Small update, it's getting hotter so let's first announce.... summertime! Soo m[...]

The Beach and more.

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Yesterday I went to the beach, in Zandvoort. Yes more German stuff I hear you say. Zandvoort, Dutch [...]

Steve went to Germany - GERMANY SPECIAL!!!!

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Hey boys and girls! Thursday there was Queensday in the Netherlands. It's supposed to be a day of[...]


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Just another random post... the last 2 weeks I made some pics that didn't belong to a serie or what-[...]

In addition..

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In addition to my previous post, here some more work! All with the 5DMKII and the Sigma 15mm Fisheye[...]

Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens. Google will love this title.

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Been a while, but I got 13 pictures ready for you! Now I present the first 6 since I don't want the [...]

Skate evening.

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Tonight, Quinten called me if I came over to Almere-Stad to do some skating photography. Loyal follo[...]

Small post.

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Hey! Only three pictures. Yesterday Joost and me went on a trip to Utrecht where he was going to [...]

The Trip.

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No I wasn't high, or drunk (as far as I can remember) or on acid. But in the train.  And that is a t[...]

The weekend...

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Okay I really had a crazy weekend!  Friday: party  Came home at 9AM.  (first train...) Saturday: 2[...]

Second studio attempt.

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Lights, background, music, the camera's, lenses but most important: some friends over. Yeah we ha[...]

Again some more..

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Being in a postingspree is nice, especially since there isn't much content yet... so I thought to up[...]

While I'm at it...

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Okay the new weblog is really nice for me. So I thought it update it with some recent shots. Here th[...]

First post, new studio, all new! :-)

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Been a while since I updated the old wp.stfoto.nl. Since it was running an older version of wordpres[...]

Previews posts...

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To see all the previous posts please go to the old weblog HERE. [...]


I'm a blogger who likes to travel, take photos, write stories about my adventures, do bicycle trips, model and print 3D, create websites, create video's, play airsoft, watch Formula 1 and much more.

Got any questions? contact me or send me a message through Facebook.